Friday, February 28, 2014


Empowerment Narrative By
Jarrett L. Perdue Sr

I want to welcome everyone to “Christian Education Center (C.E.C.) Online.” Thank you so much for visiting the site.

This is an online site established under our main site, “PERDUE'S POSITIVE EMPOWERMENT”.
I believe it is important for Believers in Christianity to advance in Christian Education.  We should work to evolve in our mindset on a regular basis.

Labeling oneself as a Christian, does not give a person the right to go around and give condemnation to everyone that does not call themselves Christians.

Our daily interaction with God is what should always be first.  It should never be the position of a Christian to think everyone else is wrong and they are the only people right in their thinking. 

I define Christian Education as learning and applying knowledge of your conviction to everyday living. 
For example, when we study the Bible, we should understand that we are studying writings that were written 2,000 - 4,000 years ago by many different authors.  We should also be educated in understanding that the word "Bible" was never used by any of the writers during that time.  We are reading from many translations.  There is no possession of original copies.

The authors who wrote scriptures, wrote to the people of their day.  Those writings were not written to us today.  We can extract and apply many things today by the writers as abiding truths if we choose to.  There are also writings in the Old and New Testament which are not applicable today.  It is important to differentiate writings that can be used as abiding truths and those that are non-applicable.

When we are reading translations we should comprehend that Christian Education is understanding that writings that were put in the Canon, regularly noted as the 66 books, are allegorical, metaphor, literal, hyperbole, symbolism, and parabolic narratives.  We should know how to distinguish the difference.  There were also a number of other books, outside the popular 66 books, that can be researched. Such as the "New Testament Apocrypha." These may not be in the Canon, however, they are noted as books written by some of the early Christians on understanding God and teachings of the early apostles.  Christian Education is about understanding that we are not to limit ourselves to just what has been handed to us as tradition.

We should use the analytical, research and communication skills we have been blessed with, along with the advancement of technology to distribute and circulate objective information bringing our gifts and talents into actualization to encourage, inform, uplift and educate others.

Being a Christian is not about Reclusive Introspection and Ecclesiastical Isolationism. (See my writing on: "RECLUSIVE INTROSPECTION & ECCLESIASTICAL ISOLATIONISM”

That is what is demonstrated when people want to set themselves apart and think they are the only ones that are right.  One should not quote scriptures to use as a mental strong hold on others.

Many Christians may never study translations, Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic etymology.  It is important to note when one wears the title of Christian, they should show continuity in Encouraging, Empowering, Educating, Uplifting and Enlightening others.

Something very important to remember about your belief in God that you have never seen.  You will hear and have heard that "God does not exist." "You should question the existence of God."  "There is no proof of God."  If you have read this, discussed it, heard it time after time, and it really upsets, angers and makes you uncomfortable, you should question your mindset about your own conviction.  People stand on what they believe and don't believe all the time. They have no problem expressing their stand on what they think and believe, and are never shaken when others disagree with their certitude.  That is the way the Christian believer should be.  No matter what anyone states in opposition to your daily positiveness, do not be shaken in your sureness.  Live your Daily Relationship with God without excuse and justification.  Those that don't believe in what you believe should be perfectly fine.  Do not expend precious oxygen and energy trying to convince others to believe like you.

The development for Christian Education Center (C.E.C.) Online is to focus on 2 very important things: EMPOWERMENT and ENCOURAGEMENT.

Engaging in subject matters that we face on a daily basis, such as Spirituality, Health, Economics, Marriage, Family, Work Ethics, Education, Mentoring and Relationships and making application of Empowerment and Encouragement.

Empowerment is defined as to give power or authority to; authorize, esp. by legal or official means.”
It refers to increasing the spiritual, political, collective, or productive firmness of individuals and communities.
Empowerment starts with our mindset. You have to know that you have this within you. Once we know and determine we are empowered, we give ourselves the “stamp of approval” to develop the confidence and motivation for personal enhancement, achievement and development.
Each commentary I write and video I will be teaching will represent Empowerment. I will be very comprehensive in my analysis on each subject matter. I want everyone that reads my commentary /expositions and sees my video links on empowerment teaching, to receive, analyze, be educated, and then make the application for themselves in their daily living. Empowerment is processing the education and analysis received.

This is other area I focus on. Encouragement means, "to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence to promote, advance."
It is not enough to just say to someone, “I am praying for you.” While that may be encouraging, we need to promote confidence to that person(s) by distributing information that can resound in their spirit. This is what I continually work on in my commentaries and videos. Encouragement is processing the education and analysis received.

The purpose of C.E.C. Online is for anyone, that is interested, to have 24/7/365 access to our Weblog.
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Jarrett L. Perdue Sr.